401k Retirement Simplified

What is a 401(k) Plan: Easy Retirement

“In alternative to pensions, a 401(k) brings several benefits, the most important ones being freedom of choice and safety.
Unlike pensions, you decide what you contribute to your retirement, besides, your 401(k) is portable and protected if your employer goes bankrupt.”

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How to Plan Saving Money – Saving Done Right

“Money-saving, planning, and investments can be a daunting task, in this beginner-friendly and 4 steps article, you’ll find everything you need to start rescuing your financial strength and some investment ideas that you may or may not want to apply along the way.”

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benjamin franklin

Investing in Debt – The Slow Approach to Wealth

“It’s common to believe that credit agreements are just the lender’s and borrower’s business but the truth is far more complex than that, if you’ve ever made a credit request, especially from a well-established bank or corporation, chances are that other individuals and entities are pocketing money from your loan, several banks and creditors are only able to loan money because they also borrow money.”

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Investments 2021

The Best Investments for 2021 – Building a Powerful Portfolio

“2020 was a truly fantastic year for some, technology, health care and industrial sectors went off the charts as the pandemic dominated the world, no wonder people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg were laughing on their way to the bank throughout the whole year, richer than ever.”

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Auto Insurance Deductibles

How do Car Insurance Deductibles Work?

“Understanding deductibles can be handy when you’re picking your insurance company, without knowing the purpose behind them, it’s easy to see deductibles as another hand finding its way through your pocket, after all insurance companies exist to cover damage costs, just not every single one, deductibles do have a purpose.”

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car bad credit score

Can You Buy a Car With a Bad Credit Score?

“Your gut is telling you that it’s time to buy a new car, however, you’re not sure if your credit score is good enough to help you secure a good deal or even to secure a deal in the first place, don’t worry, there is a market for everyone.”

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