How to Track My Third-Round Stimulus Check

“The third wave of $1.400 stimulus checks approved by the American Rescue Plan is now being sent and you can easily find out when the next stimulus payment will be at your disposal.”

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How to Track My Stimulus Check Payment

You can track your third-round stimulus check through Get My Payment tool available on the IRS website.

This is an updated version of the tool Americans previously used to check the status of the first and second rounds of stimulus checks, the tool is expected to be available as of now.

On the stimulus check portal, you can check the status of your stimulus payment, confirm the payment type (either paper check or direct deposit) or find out if a payment wasn’t scheduled.

Eligibility for Stimulus Check

The third-round stimulus check amount will differ from one individual to another, depending on income, each eligible person will be paid up to $1.400.

Adults, children and adult dependents are eligible, however, not everyone will receive the full amount.

Eligible for the Full Amount ($1.400)

Adults who earned $75.000 or less.

◣ Couples who earned $150.000 or less.

Heads of household with an AGI of $112.500 or less.

Eligible for Reduced Amounts

Adults who earned between $75.000 and $80.000.

Couples who earned between $150.000 and $160.000.

Heads of household who earned between $112.500 and $120.000.

Not Eligible

Adults who earned over $80.000.

Couples who earned over $160.000.

Heads of household who earned over $120.000.

Also not Eligible

People without a valid Social Security number.

Nonresident aliens.

People claimed on someone else’s tax return.

People who died before January 1st, 2021.

Stimulus Check Application

The process is resemblant to previous rounds, if you’ve made a claim before, you probably know how to track the third-round stimulus check, no further action is required for this round.

What if I Didn’t File a Tax Return?

The IRS non-filers tool is not available for third-round stimulus checks.

Nevertheless, If you didn’t file a 2019 or 2020 tax return, you can claim any money you’re owed as a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2021 return which will only be filed next year.

People who receive federal benefits, Social Security or veterans who don’t file a tax return can use the Get My Payment tool.

Can My Stimulus Check be Garnished?

Any private debt collector with a judgement against you can garnish your stimulus check.

Garnishment rules vary by state but usually the private debt collector serves the garnishment order on the bank, your account is frozen and the bank sends you a consumer notice.

In such case, you have a short time to assert an exemption or to contest the garnishment in court.

If the court lifts the garnishment order you’re good to go, otherwise, the money will be turned over to the debt collector.

Stimulus Check and Child Support

Third-round stimulus checks are not subject to garnishment if you’re past due on child support, have federal or state debts, in either case, you’ll still receive your full payment.

Only private debt collectors will have the chance to redirect your payment to cover a debt.


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